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Bulk Ozokerite Wax – KAHL 1899 (500g)


Ozokerite wax is a white, medium to hard hydrocarbon wax and is not derived from animals making it the perfect vegan friendly natural alternative to lanolin and beeswax.

Ozokerite Wax, KahlWax 1899 Micro.


Bulk Ozokerite Wax – KAHL 1899 (500g)

Ozokerite wax can be used to keep pigments and micas nicely in suspension for better colour and gloss retention, even at high working temperatures. When added to a formula, ozokerite wax helps to provide a harder and stiffer consistency, which assures colour uniformity in the final product. It also has excellent emulsifying and emollient properties. Not only is it 100% vegan, derived from natural minerals rather than animals, but it also provides support and protection for your skin. It’s the ideal ingredient for stick preparations, stabilising melting point and hardness.


  • Ozokerite wax is compatible with all kinds of mineral and plant oils and waxes, giving the formulator the possibility to optimise formulations according to specific needs.

Used In: 

  • Ozokerite wax is mostly used in cosmetic and toiletry products, hair care products, shaving cream formulas, ointments and pomades, lipstick and lip glosses, face powders, and foundations.

Fogealing Point:

  • 66-70 Degree Celsius

Drop Points:

  • 72-78 Degree Celsius


  • White Wax


  • Small Pellets

Available In This Pack Size:

  • 500g


  • Ozokerite Wax, KahlWax 1899 Micro

Country of Origin:

  • Made in Germany