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Citric Acid

Citric Acid

Citric acid is a natural ingredient with a very wide array of uses. Citric acid was originally extracted from citrus fruits, mostly lemons. Nowadays, it’s made naturally by fermenting raw materials like sucrose, starch and other carbohydrates.

Natural Preservative

Citric Acid is used in foods and beverages as both an acidity regulator (balancing out bitterness) and as a preservative (many harmful microbes can’t grow in acidic environments).

Ph Balance

Citric Acid is added to cosmetics to help balance pH of alkaline ingredients to better suit the skin and as a preservative.

Promotes Circulation

Citric Acid is added to many shampoos to help gently remove dandruff and promote scalp circulation.


Citric Acid is used in household cleaning products to kill bacteria, fungi, mildew, moulds, and yeasts.

Products Containing Citric Acid